Thursday, December 31, 2009

Afghanistan: 4 Cdn Soldiers Dead, 1 Cdn Journalist

How sad - & painful.

From the Globe & Mail:

A massive roadside bomb has killed four Canadian soldiers and a Canadian journalist in a dramatic signal of an upsurge of violence in the crucial battleground around Kandahar city.


It was a deadly day for foreign forces in Afghanistan, with eight American CIA agents killed by a suicide bombing at a U.S. base in Khost province. The attacks were seen as part of a major salvo against the U.S.-led troop surge in the region and shattering the typically peaceful winter season when Taliban fighters normally lay low, or regroup in neighbouring Pakistan.

Four additional Canadian soldiers and one Canadian civilian official were also injured in Wednesday's IED blast and were airlifted from the wreckage to the military hospital at Kandahar Air Field, where they were in stable condition last night.

But for Stephen Harper, bully, this could have been avoided, would never have happened, if we had left Afghanistan, as originally planned, in 2009. Tomorrow is Jan. 1, 2010 & we would no longer have been there.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harper To Suspend Parliament - Again

So here it is, just over a year later, & Great Leader Harper wants to prorouge again. By doing this he draws attention away from the Afghan detainee issue & will finally gain control of the Senate.

From QMI Agency:

The Conservative government will ask the governor general to suspend Parliament today, delaying the return of MPs until the beginning of March.


Preventing the return of Parliament until after the Olympics would effectively shut down all government committees, which would stop MPs from pursuing the Afghan detainee controversy until Parliament returned.


In early January, there will be five vacancies in the Senate, all of which Harper could fill with Tory loyalists. Even though the new senators would give the Tories majority over the Liberals in the Senate, the Liberals retain their majority on Senate committees until the next general election or until Parliament is prorogued.

Read the entire article here.

Wake up Canada! Wake up Opposition! Do we want to continually be manipulated by Stephen Harper control freak?