Friday, April 9, 2010

A Question

If Jaffer has one of his wife's GOVT. ISSUED Blackberries that he's using for his personal & business use does that mean the Govt. (taxpayer) is paying the bill on it every month?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interesting News On Jaffer

This is a very interesting article written by Kevin Donovan of The Star. It's long but well worth the read. Also, it makes one wonder if Jaffer does have some major pull in the govt, (wouldn't surprise me given his history with the Con Party & of course who his wife is) when he keeps saying the following to the scam artists he was associated with:

" Jaffer, as he often does, told businessmen that he and his company, Green Power Solutions, were experts in obtaining government money. “I can get it, no problem,” he said. His company’s promotional material boasts a “thorough knowledge of government policies and incentive programs.”

For the OPP in Caledon, the Jaffer arrest was a routine case. That’s why officers were surprised to be told in early January by Crown Attorney Marie Balogh that she did not want a trial. Instead, she was seeking a guilty plea on reduced charges. A pre-trial conference – the matters discussed are secret – was held on Feb. 18, 2010 before a judge. Caledon OPP were notified that the deal with Jaffer was made at “the most senior levels” of provincial law enforcement. OPP Caledon pushed back but to no avail.

In Toronto, former associates of Gillani speculate that Jaffer has “rolled over” on Gillani, provided evidence, and in return was given a good deal on his drug, speeding and drunk driving charges.