Thursday, October 16, 2008


Immediately after the election the vultures came out. And I don't just mean the media & all their pundits. I'm talking about Liberals. Many, many of them swooped down & began attacking Dion, blaming him for the losses the Party engendered in this election.

Have they all forgotten about the Con attack ads that began immediately after Dion was chosen as leader? Two years of them. Non-stop! Do they think this did not have an effect on the public? It was hammered at us so thoroughly that it stuck like crazy glue.

And where was the response to these ads in all that time? There was none. Not by the Party. No responsive ads which did not need to attack Harper but which were needed to re-frame Dion away from how he was being framed by the bullies. These ads have been so effective that not only did the public buy them but so did all you Liberals who profess to "understand" & know better. How do I know that? Look at what you're writing.

Yes, yes I know - no money, no money, no money. The mantra we've heard continually, even through the election. Not enough money for anyone in the Party to present our candidates properly. I worked for my local candidate & it's true - there was a financial deficit in a lot of ridings for the Liberal candidates. Except the really high-profiled ones.

There are other reasons as well & I'm not going into the list right now - but the Liberal party did not do things in a proper, cohesive manner. And one man does not an entire Party make. It takes everyone - working together.

And now the vultures are picking at Dion's supposed carcass in a highly undignified & crass way. Which means we are taking our eye off the ball - Stephen Harper. Which is EXACTLY what he wants. He wants us divided, inward focussed so that we are not watching what he is doing.

Yesterday this is what he stated:
"The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, hinted Wednesday his re-elected government may look at cutting program spending as a way to avoid the risk of running a deficit."- National Post

So it's begun. Harper implementing, quickly, what he's always wanted to do - destroy Govt. & destroy Canada as we know it. He is also planning on stacking the Senate with appointed Tories if he can't get Senate reform implemented so that he can do it from within the Senate itself. He's made no appointments in his 1st term, other than Fortier who is now history - we hope, unless he's re-appointed by our megalomanic leader & then put in cabinet again (I wouildn't put it past him to do that, would you?), & from what I undertand there are a LOT of seats to be filled.

This article reflects my sentiments exactly. I suggest you all read it if you have time.

Wake up people & do not let Harper frame everything for you. Your smart - use your heads!

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