Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm angry & upset with the Libs!

I've been quite depressed since the election & the fact that Dion will be stepping down. I don't like anyone, at the moment, who is running for the leadership. It's possible I will lean toward LeBlanc once I hear more from him & learn more about him.

I just don't see any of them as being able to rid us of Harper - who scares the shit out of me. Also, I'm already tired of the game playing that's already started with the leadership campaign. The media has already made a big deal out of Rae's press release saying he wouldn't attend the debate/meeting unless it was open to the media. And the MSM has picked up on it being "closed" big time.

The awful part is that the Cons had their Convention, which huge portions were off limits to the media & there was little complaint about it on T.V. - some in print, but not a heck of a lot.

But the MSM is making a huge deal out of the Lib one & already backstabbing the Libs & playing up "division & in-fighting" in the Party. Just what we bloody need! I'm mad as hell. What is wrong with the Libs????

The stunt Rae played doing a press release about not attending the debate unless it was open to the media & then SHOWING UP anyway just to do a media scrum in the hallway is revolting. At this juncture I don't care if this debate was open or closed, there will be many more debates, but to give fodder to the Cons & the media right off the bat is sickening.

Also, there's a lot of negativity in the blogger realm already with different "camps" for the different candidates attacking one another & the other candidates they don't want. It's too much. Totally sickening. This does NOT draw people to the Party but pushes them away. Myself included.

I was going to join the Party but I'm not sure I will now. Never joined a party in my entire life. And if this shit keeps up I will support another party instead in the next election. I'm discouraged, jaded, etc. I did not want Dion to step down & I'm angry, too, that he was basically forced to do so. It's unfair & he should have been given another chance - like most leaders are given. Not turfed after losing 1 election. But that is neither here nor there now.

If any of you Libbers out there have any constructive advice for me I'd appreciate it. If you want to bash me I will delete your comments. I need encouragement here - not put-downs.

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