Sunday, May 3, 2009

Harper to Muzzle Page

From columnist Greg Weston in The Ottawa Sun:

"Stephen Harper's government of public accountability is apparently about to defang, muzzle and generally neuter its own watchdog of budget honesty.

A Conservative cabinet minister says most of the fun folks in his party "can't wait" to put a choker on the parliamentary budget office and its dogged bloodhound, Kevin Page.

The only thing yet to be decided, the minister says, is whether to eliminate the office, or put Page on a short enough regulatory leash to render him harmless."

Once again Harper is about to do away with another watchdog & possibly do away with the Budget Office as well, the one that he created. He just can't take criticism or the truth. Secrecy is of tantamount importance to the man who ran, & was elected, on accountability. What a joke. Unfortunately we are the ones who pay for this in not knowing what's going on. The only watchdog who appears to be safe, for now, is Auditor General Sheila Fraser. Who knows how much longer she will last. The tyrant has no shame.


Lizt. said...

If Harper does that, the mouths of gossip will be flying..hope the people like this...see what a mean and spiteful person he realy is.

The Mound of Sound said...

Political commissars in the PMO filtering all communications from the Defence and Environment departments, now this. When are Canadians going to realize how Stalinist this guy is?

Lizt. said...

Didn't Harper study Stalin and he liked him!!!!

Dylan said...

Unfortunately, I think Harper is the only PM in the history of the country that could do something like this - go blatantly back on his word and become the very poison he apparently despises - and will get away with it. The media, and the public, are more uninterested, and if they are interested they're forgiving, of Harper's stunning hypocrisy.

Should he get away with this with little to no public outcry, it could very well signal the beginning of the end of democracy in Canada.

Lizt. said...

Dylan I agree with you.,our country will never be the same..what kind of mental state does it take to vote for that bunch?

penlan said...

Lizt & MoS,

Harper is a keen Stalinist reader & apparently re-reads him frequently. One of his few "heroes". Certainly helps us to see where his ideas & idealogue are coming from & also his totalitarian way of ruling.