Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well isn't this just ducky. All the assurances from our dear Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, that all is well & on track with a possible flu pandemic outbreak starting THIS Fall is once again untrue. There's a shortage of vials in which to put the vaccine so it won't be available to Canadians until Christmas, although there will be shipments leaving Canada for parts unknown at this time.

From an article by Gloria Galloway at the G&M:

"Canadians will wait for vaccinations against pandemic H1N1 influenza even as bulk vaccine shipments are exported to other countries because GlaxoSmithKline can produce more vaccine at its Quebec plant than it can put into vials."


"In Canada, the Ste-Foy facility will begin producing vaccine in November, or possibly late October, and it will be Christmas before every Canadian who wants a shot can get one.

It takes two weeks for the vaccine to be considered fully effective. And many people will require more than one shot. Which means it will be February or even March before the vaccine is protecting all of the Canadians who are inoculated. That is well after the traditional flu season begins in December."

So, if this flu hits us in the Fall as has been predicted the vaccine will arrive too late to help the majority of the Canadian population. This on top of non-answers from the Govt. on very important issues as to who, what, when & where the 1st vaccines will go to, like first responders? the elderly? the young? those with compromised immune systems & serious health issues? & the lack of coordination with a plan across the country does not bode well.

Just another example of how little Harper & our Conservative Govt. cares for Canada & its peoples.

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