Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harper appoints VP of Pfizer to CHIR

Astounding! Harper appoints Bernard Prigent to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research while Prigent is VP to Pfizer & a lobbyist, still, for Pfizer. What is going on here? It appears Harper & his Cons have even less ethics than I realized.

By Tim Bousquet in The Coast:

Last October, the Harper government appointed Bernard Prigent to the governing council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the federal agency that distributes about a billion dollars annually for health research. That appointment was met with near-universal condemnation from medical ethicists, because Prigent is a vice-president of Pfizer Canada, a firm that stands to profit from the decisions made at CIHR.

"There's a structural conflict of interest," explains Jocelyn Downie, the Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy at Dalhousie University. "On the one hand, it's [Prigent's] statutory duty to represent the best health interests of Canadians, and on the other hand, as an executive with Pfizer, he's legally bound to promote the profit interests of his company. Those competing interests will not always align, and will sometimes be in conflict."

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Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Just thought I'd tell you that it was only because I saw your post on an aggregator that I knew of this baseness. Goes to show usefulness of blogging.

Mondobravo said...

Classic sociopathic behaviour. When will the people of this country wake up to the tremendous damage that Steven Harper has already caused us. Worse yet ... what's to come. A pathological liar, he at least spoke the truth about one thing ... he's right, we won't recognize Canada when he's done with us.