Saturday, May 29, 2010

Harper Trying To Make Exemptions In Detainee Deal

Here we go again. Did anyone REALLY think Harper was going to let the opposition see crucial, & critical, documents on the Afghan detainee issue?

From Steven Chase in the Globe & Mail:

The Harper government has been trying to insert a loophole in a deal that’s supposed to grant opposition MPs full access to secret records on Afghan detainees – a proposal that could derail negotiations if not resolved.

Opposition parties are fighting the attempted exemption that would let Ottawa withhold some documents on the grounds they are “not necessary or appropriate for the purpose of holding Parliament to account.”


Northern PoV said...

There was never an intention to cooperate.
Just to appear to, and delay.
Bury the original issue in "squabbling politicians" and suppress interest and ultimately voter turnout.

penlan said...

"There was never an intention to cooperate."

Agreed. This whole thing is a farce & Harper will continue to do this on many other fronts as well. Like not allowing Ministerial staff to testify in committee's, Ministers only & they can refuse to testify.