Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Didn't Know This - Did You?

I find this appalling. And is it really necessary to have ALL these perks for the Speaker of the House? Disgusting.

By Greg Weston in The Sun.


PeterC said...

Yea, the fact that this is coming to light now is all about the expense inquiry, and has absolutely nothing to do with the speakers ruling against the con men. Considering they attack and throw anyone under the bus that gives them grief, you really believe that?
I'm kinda miffed I've never been invited to the party, but considering how private companies do business, I see nothing overly unusual in that article.

penlan said...

Obviously this info is coming out now due to all the media flap about the AG wanting to audit MP's expenses. What bothered me was the absolute excess of perks for the Speaker. Far too many as far as I'm concerned & highly expensive.