Friday, July 16, 2010

One Is Ok, The Other Is Not?

Here, again, another revealing view of Harper/Conservative priorities:

From the CP in CanadaEast:

The Harper government was expected to announce today one of the biggest military equipment purchases in history _ a controversial, non-competitive $16-billion contract to build a new generation of fighter jets.

And from Christine Dobby in The Telegraph-Journal:

The provinces need to rein in "rampant" growth in health-care spending says the federal minister of finance.

Jim Flaherty told the Telegraph-Journal's editorial board on Thursday that provincial spending on health care is growing at a rate that outstrips economic growth, a situation that is unsustainable over time.

"The provinces are going to have to look at their budgets and figure out ways of providing health-care services without rampant growth," Flaherty said.

The finance minister in Stephen Harper's Conservative government said he hopes provinces will adopt "best practices" to control the rate of growth of health-care costs.

So, $16 BILLION for 65 fighter jets we don't need versus our Health Care. I know which one is more important to me & most other Canadians.

For more on those fighter jets & the cost go to Impolitic who's done a great post on this issue.


Wandering Coyote said...

I am just hearing about this now on the CBC and I am pretty disgusted. The priorities of this government are just astounding.

penlan said...

You've got that right. It seems to me that Harper is speeding up his agenda on changing things in this country. And he's doing it out in the open more. Not so incrementally & hush-hush. Maybe he's now concerned that he may lose in the next election or get another minority which most likely would mean he'd be turfed as leader. So now it's hurry up & do as much damage as possible to democracy & programs that he hates.