Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enough Already!

After watching last weeks Ethics Committee hearings on the In & Out scandal by the Conservatives in the last election I was horrified to see the antics of the Cons.

Running on a platform of accountability & transparency, a little more than 2 1/2 yrs. ago, they were definitely "transparent" in what they were doing & who they really are. And it was stunning!

They lied, manipulated witnesses into not appearing, interrupted constantly with "points of order" but instead made statements that were unrelated & not a point of order. In questioning witnesses they, again, made statements instead of asking questions. By prefacing with a statement they were able to "frame" the content of their question in such a way as to lead the witness into their desired answer.

There are too many events that occured during these hearings for me to list at the moment but suffice it to say that we need to make everyone aware of the Cons agenda for this country. And it is a dangerous one.

In the time they have "governed" they have cut numerous programs, especially those that aid the poorer citizens, disrupted committees & the nations' business by stonewalling, filibustering & on & on - with a handbook compiled for all Con MP's on just how to paralyze these committees.

They did away with the Kelowna Accord, lied on the Income Trusts, thus hurting seniors & others who had relied on this for their retirement incomes, lied, or hid actually, reports on the torture of detainees in Afghanistan that had been handed over to the Afghan govt., & extended the mission in Afghanistan (albeit with the help of the Liberals), have done nothing on the Environment front even though they have touted a plan which they did not give any details of until recently. And now when speaking of it they still twist & hide the truth as to how much it will impact Canadians without helping us with tax-breaks, etc. like The Green Shift does. They have no plans to lessen the impact. After all, they are a front for big business & especially the oil sector.

And one more thing: we are now in a DEFICIT. Yes, a small one to start but if you witness what the Harris PC Govt. did to Ontario it will soon be in the billions. Flaherty (Finance Minister), Baird (Environmental Minister), & Clement (Health Minister) were all an integral part of the Harris govt. & now they are decimating the country.

These are just a few things they have done along with many scandals which we are unable to get to the bottom of yet. Like Cadman, Bernier, Nafta, & In & Out. And there are many other nefarious doings by the CPoC.

They refuse to give out info when requested & when they do most is blacked out using "security reasons" as an excuse. Even in minor situations. So much for accountability.

None of this is new to anyone who follows politics closely but if the general public really knew what was going on these creeps would be booted out pronto.

I'm angry. Very angry, & will be posting as much as I can on the ongoing devastation that is being imposed on us & with links as well as I go deeper into issues.

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