Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The other day Steve (our PM) was hinting that he would end this Parliament, even though he set, in law, a fixed election date for every 4 yrs. His reason? - this govt. was, in his words, "dysfunctional". That business could not be done due to the antics, basically, of the Libs. Oh yeah?

Well, when he started getting lots of bad press & op-ed pieces on who within the govt. actually was "dysfunctional", his Party, he has suddenly done a 90 degree turnabout.

You can read the 1st article here:


And the 2nd one here:


Now which one does he want us to believe? Both. The 1st when it suited his agenda. The 2nd when he got called on it & thus "changed" the message.

We are going to be seeing a lot of this as election fever hits us, so get ready for plenty of sore necks from all the whiplash we will be subject to.


catnip said...

Congrats on the new blog! Bravo!

From the second article:

"The first thing (Dion) did, the first words out of his mouth (after becoming Liberal leader in 2006) were to threaten to force an election," Harper said.

"About three weeks ago I finally told Mr. Dion... that it was time to fish or cut bait. So instead of making a decision he actually went fishing."

Dion actually did make a decision - he went fishing.

Steve and the rest of the Cons think they can just bully their way through their many problems. Wrong. This isn't the US and he's not Bush (as much as he'd like to be). The opposition parties need to stop acting like the spineless Dems though or we'll be stuck with these clowns for a long time.

penlan said...

Thanks for the Congrats, catnip! :)

Hope I can serve this blog well...

I don't think the opposition parties are going to sit on their hands any longer & let Steve & his gang bully anymore. It's over for them. Time to move on & time for a change. Let's get Canada back to what the people need!