Monday, December 1, 2008

Be Cautious and Remember...

The entire purpose of Stephen Harper & his team, this coming week, will be to cause strife, division & distraction against a possible Coalition. Every media format will be innundated with lies, spin & "anonymous sources" supposedly quoting from within the Liberal Party. And the media WILL run with it. But they will not run it for long if we keep on message.

It's important not to make the lies the focal point. The NDP, for example, needs to basically lay low on talking lawsuits, at this time, yes, keep it in the public mind that the Cons "spied" on them with, to use the Con word "covertly" in their press statement, to listen in to, & TAPE, a caucus meeting & then distribute it. But, please, no loud, angry vocalizing. Act mature, steady & calm. Staying calm & acting maturely is what makes an impression on the public. And both Libs & NDP'ers MUST present this face. If there is to be a coalition people need to see calm & steady ALL the time.

Con propogandist Pierre Poilievre has been out there for all to see & hear using words like socialist instead of NDP, separatist instead of Bloc. And repeating them ad nauseum in each & every interview. Also using other Con talking points put forth by the War Room to all MP's & supporters across the country. Constant repetition does make an impact on the mind - like telling a kid over & over "You're bad" so often that they then begin to believe it. The Con-bots & trolls are out in full force messaging these talking points everywhere.

But I'm beginning to see that the public isn't buying it. Less so, anyway, than they have before. Quebeckers are now lost to the Cons. Using the word separatist instead of the Bloc is a ploy to frighten people - but it doesn't do that to those who live in Quebec. It is meant to demean & debase & this will backfire on Harper et al big time. How wonderful of the CPC to finally show their real feelings about Quebec! And Quebeckers have a long memory - mark my words.

Fear-mongering is what the Conservatives do. It's one of their favourite tactics, just like the Bush administration in the U.S. Same playbook, different country. And as I said earlier "divide & conquer". It's imperative that we not lose sight of these things.

We all know the Cons are backtracking on some of the items put forth in the Fiscal Economic Update (FEU) & that they are saying they will bring forth a budget the last week of Jan., moving it up.
Fine & dandy. Now we hear they are making concessions & that perhaps we should wait & see what the budget is like & let the Cons
continue to "lead", that the opposition is getting what it wants. Well it doesn't fly. Why? Because the Commons no longer have confidence in the Govt. They can no longer trust Harper & his MP's. And neither do a lot of the voters - including many conservatives.

Harper will continue his relentless quest for total control & power, & the decimation of all the other parties, only he will do it secretively & quietly & pounce at the first chance he gets. He will not make another horrendous mistake in public again.

I urge all bloggers to restrain themselves from arguing & fighting with one another at this time. We have our rights to our own views even if they are in disagreement with others. Standing united & presenting a solidified front to combat Harper & the Cons is what's needed now - more than ever! Our country, our freedoms, our democracy is at stake. Stand behind the Party no matter who is leading in the interim because they need our support 100% to make a coalition work. Please, let us stand for Canada!

One more thing. A commenter at Kady O'Malleys blog (ITQ) had this to say yesterday & it gives me heart to see that the average person is waking up to how the Cons operate:

Big Rig wrote:

"Recording another party’s private conversation? I am sick of this nonsense, and sick that Harper is our PM. I have never before posted on a political forum, nor have I ever donated to a political party, but as of today, I have done both, and neither were in favour of the Conservatives.

If a middle-of-the-road guy like me has been galvanized by all of this, I’ll bet plenty of other previously inactive men and women have been too - also not in favour of the Conservatives.

Bring Harper down. Raise an alternative. Move this country forward."

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