Monday, December 8, 2008

Stop the Division

There's one heck of a lot of division as to how to install a new leader out there in the Liberal bloggersphere - with a lot of people's noses bent out of shape before anything has even been decided, or what's the best way to go about it.

As far as I'm concerned by focusing on this we take our eyes off the critical situation - Stephen Harper & what he wants to do to the country & to the Libs. As the saying goes: "Desperate times call for desperate measures".

And these are desperate times. There is a short time left until Jan. 26th when Parliament resumes. The Party needs to get its act together & do, quickly, whatever it takes to present a force of strength to stand strong against Harper. If it takes desperate measures then so be it. Infighting among caucus, grassroots, etc. just weakens & gives the Cons more fodder to use in any way they choose to.

I am neutral on who should be Leader but I know it needs to be done - FAST. We cannot allow Harper to control everything, take away our democratic processes & principles. We are fighting for our lives here & for the country we love & know as Canada. A united front is CRUCIAL. And if we don't have that before Jan. 26th all will be lost.

Addition: A most excellent post by THE FIFTH COLUMN

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