Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NO PROTECTION: Outside of Country

It seems that we, as Canadians, no longer have any protection if we leave the country. This according to our Conservative Govt.

From Janice Tibbetts at The Gazette:

"Canada's legal duty to protect its citizens, even children, ends at the border and there is nothing in domestic or international law that obliges the government to seek Omar Khadr's repatriation, say federal arguments filed in court."

"States do not have a duty to protect citizens held by foreign countries," said the factum, noting that there is no decision worldwide ordering a government to seek repatriation."

This is in reference to the Harper Govt.'s appeal against a ruling, recently, by Federal Court Justice James O'Reilly ordering the Govt. to repatriate Omar Khadr.

But this doesn't just apply to Khadr. This applies to each & every one of us who leaves the country. So, how do you like this NEW take on our safety & well-being from Mr. "Law & Order" Stephen Harper? I, for one, no longer feel secure about leaving the boundaries of our Canada.

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