Monday, June 8, 2009

Politics Show Staying!!!

From Harris MacLeod at the Hill Times:

"CBC Newsworld's supper-hour political news program Politics will not be cancelled, says CBC spokesperson Jeff Keay."

"But Mr. Keay said that though the show will undergo substantial changes between when it goes off the air for the summer break, and when a revamped version appears in the fall, the CBC would still have a political show at 5 p.m."

Well that's a tremendous relief as I was concerned that the only political program come the Fall would be CTV's 5 p.m. show.


Hishighness said...

I'm Don Newman welcome to the BROAAAAAD CAAAAAST.

Seriously though I'm surprised the Cons let it stay on the air. After all Newman isn't a Duffyesque Conservative hack.

KNB said...

Great to see. It's also oddly comforting to know that the ratings surpass Power Play...though I don't think the CBC should decide programming based on ratings.

As to the hosts, well I hope they keep digging.

penlan said...

HH - The Cons have no input as to whether the show stays on the air or not. It's not their decision to make.

KNB - I, too, hope they keep digging for a new host. Evan Soloman is too soft. Out of the 3 that were mentioned I'd prefer Bonner. Heard some talk they were thinking about Carole MacNeil but I don't care for her either. And I find Chris Hall a little too bland. Guess I'm fussy eh? Lol. ;)