Monday, September 7, 2009

2 More Canadian Soldiers Dead in Afghanistan

This brings the total number of our soldiers killed to 129.

"Killed in the explosion were 36-year-old Maj. Yannick Pepin and Cpl. Jean-Francois Drouin, 21 who were killed by an the IED explosion around noon local time in the Dand district, southwest of Kandahar city on Sunday."
Both men were members of the 5 Combat Engineer Regiment and were stationed in Valcartier, Que.

For all the information go to CTV here.


Wandering Coyote said...

I heard this last night, and man does it ever make me angry! If Harpy hadn't been such an idiot, we would have been well out of this disaster by now!

art65 said...

The Afghanis fought and killed the mongols for two hundred years till they left, they fought the huns, they fought and killed the British for seventy years till they left, they fought and killed the Russians for twenty years till they left, they will fight you the Canadians and Yanks and kill you.......TILL YOU LEAVE. The sons and grandsons and daughters and great great grandsons will fight you and kill you till you leave. Don't we get this? They have done nothing to us except run our variety stores working twenty hours a day which white men won't do. As usual the weak Canadian govt. is a**-kissing the Americans and fighting a capitalist, imperial war to allow pipelines from Uzbekistan one day. It's not about building a school or democracy you don't drop two thousand pound bombs on those you help. Opium that is not their problem and not our business we need to stop our problem at home as to why our youth want heroin not go to another country and tell them what to do. Who are you oh great Canada look at your Indian reserves and the outports in Nfld who boil water for ten years yet we have a Tim Hortons in Kabul. Priorities? do you have any? How would you feel if they did not like Barley and came to war in Canada to eradicate the Barley crop. These people are proud for two thousand years and you a mere youth of 250 years are telling them how to live. Canada you are afraid of the USA look at the non drug commercial hemp plant with over 200 fine uses, oil cloth rope, paper yet you are afraid to grow it because of US pressure. Now you let your children die for them. I have been there and met these people just go home and leave them alone. If their women are covered so what, you cannot even fix your own country Good luck and the boys from Carterville will continue dying until you leave. BB