Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Supreme Court & Khadr

From The Gazette:

Supreme Court moves quickly, will rule on Khadr on Friday

"Omar Khadr, a young Canadian man being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could learn his fate on Friday after Canada's top court announced yesterday it would rule on an appeal by the Conservative government to stay a repatriation order.

The Federal Court of Appeal recently upheld an earlier court ruling that Khadr, 22, an accused terrorist, be repatriated from the discredited U.S. military prison in Cuba. But the Canadian government announced on Aug. 25 that it would appeal the case to the Supreme Court of Canada and filed a motion to stay the repatriation order. It is unusual for the Supreme Court to issue a judgment on a case so quickly."

I hope the SC refuses to hear the appeal that Harper has filed. All he ever does is run to the Courts for anything he doesn't like, for anything that doesn't favour him & his sick Conservative Party with it's sick ideology. Enough already.

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