Friday, October 23, 2009

$46,000 of Taxpayer's Money Spent On GO Trains Ads.

From The Star:

"The Conservative government has spent more than $46,000 to turn two GO train cars into rolling advertisements along the Lakeshore line for its stimulus spending program, which has been widely criticized for putting image ahead of substance."

This is revolting & it's only just beginning as The Cons are in the process of running this "campaign" on billboards all across Canada. Wonder how much that will cost the taxpayer. The money could be better spent on helping the unemployed feed their families & keep roofs over their heads. Thanks Harper - for nothing.


CanadianSense said...

EAP requires details to be advertised, a Policy supported by the Liberals until Sept 2009.

Are you suggesting the Liberals are now against their voting record and Billions being distributed through EAP?

or just the fact "people" believe EAP has helped the economy in intangible, tangible ways that may result in the government getting credit?

Are you against all government advertising or only advertising that may benefit the perception of the current government that you don't support?

Thank you for your consideration in replying to those questions.

penlan said...

"EAP requires details to be advertised, a Policy supported by the Liberals until Sept 2009."

Ummm - don't see any "details" on this Conservative billboard advertising. And it should be Canadian Govt. advertising NOT Tory blue advertising. Last I looked the Canadian govt. colours were white & red.

Did you actually read the netire article or just my post?

"or just the fact "people" believe EAP has helped the economy in intangible, tangible ways that may result in the government getting credit?"

Go read here about the "stimulus money" actually getting out there:

I'm not against advertising - only against advertising that is partisan in nature in regards to Canadian GOVT. advertising.

RuralSandi said...

The GO trains are subsidized by taxpayers and now this?

CanadianSense - bug off. You defend no matter what.

And, why would it be necessary to advertise on a GO train? It's not.

Constant Vigilance said...

Great post. My opinion is corroborated by the fact a ConZombie felt obligated to comment with randomly generated talking points.

Big Winnie said...

Another waste of taxpayer's money...If Canadians aren't aware of the CON "slush fund", I mean EAP by now, they never will!!

CanadianSense said...

RuralSandi you have a pattern of trying to discourage questions from anyone who is not a Liberal partisan, as you are not the host, a friendly suggestion.

Set up your own blog. Delete and eliminate any dissenting opinion.

Cyberstalking me or others calling for censorship only hurts real Liberals and debate.

CanadianSense said...


I did not suggest a moving Go train had details.

My post is advertising is communicating the awareness of EAP.

Hitting Go Trains, Bathroom Ads, TV spots, etc is being reviewed by those responsible for effective and reach.

So Penlan you believe the EAP advertising is too partisan?

What are the remedies to correct your assertions?

Side question during the World Wars many gov't ran "Bond" drives to raise money to pay for the war. Would you consider those partisan advetising/ propoganda?

Lizt. said...

I would like to know..why is it blue..Go trains are not blue. The colour of thr Country is red and White, since 1921, and that is the colour of the Government, like it or not.
The trains ar blue, meaning Conservative party colours , not government colours

CanadianSense said...

My favourite colour is blue and my favourite flavour is french vanilla.

I don't feel threatened by the use of blue by the current government advertising.

Lizt are you very concerned this might lead to some confusion of our national flag, or schoolchildren will start singing songs about Harper?

We are going to be okay, in Canada we get to vote if we don't like Steve for using ---->too much<---- blue in advertising.

penlan said...

Enough already CanSense. You are a Con & you have now stooped to being ridiculous. Any more stupid comments like the above one & I shall delete all your comments. And please resist doing all your cut & paste talking points at different blogs, including this one. It's boring. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, initially, but you blew it.

CanadianSense said...


I am a voter who is voting CPC after voting for Liberals, never for the PC, having voted independent for John Nunziata after he was booted for his GST promise.

Many of us ex-liberals have left for many reasons.

Reducing my posts and suggesting I am cutting or pasting talking points on behalf of one political party is not honest.

Threatening to delete all my posts or denigrating my views on your blog is your final decision.

Goodluck with your blog.