Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raitt Being Investigated - 2 Different Probes

Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt is being investigated by the conflict-of-interest and ethics commissioner AND the privacy commissioner. Both probes concerning her use of the Toronto Port Authority in a recent political fundraiser held for her.

From The Star:

"[Paul] Szabo, the chair of the parliamentary ethics committee, filed a 42-page document questioning whether it was ethically correct for Raitt to allow employees of a federal agency she once ran – the port authority – to provide services for the partisan event, which was held at a trendy downtown Toronto restaurant in September."


"Szabo's confirmation of the investigation by the conflict-of-interest and ethics commissioner comes a week after junior transport minister Rob Merrifield told Parliament that Raitt "has told me that she has received correspondence from the ethics commissioner and that correspondence has cleared her of all allegations."

Raitt could not be reached for comment."

Isn't that cute? Lying to her junior minister. Not only do the Cons lie to us, the people who pay their salaries, but they even try to pull the wool over their own colleagues eyes. Tut, tut.

It seems that Stephen Harper & his fellow Cons are finally being revealed for who they really are - miscreants of the highest order! Let's keep the pressure on these hoodlums.

MP Olivia Chow, NDP, also filed official complaints along with Szabo.

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