Monday, November 2, 2009

Aglukkaq Is Now Blaming "Us", The Public, For The Vaccine Shortage!

Well, well, well. It seems it's now "our" fault that there's an H1N1 vaccine shortage.

From this article in the Ottawa Sun:

"Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says production "over-estimating" by the company producing the H1N1 vaccine and a panicked public are to blame for the shortages now gripping the country."

WHAT???? We know the Cons blame everyone but themselves when things go wrong but this is outrageous. Oh are they going to pay for this debacle!! The media is jumping on this vaccine nightmare for all it's worth & I'm glad. They could, & should, have been ready a few months ago - there are NO excuses.

Will be doing a post soon on my experience of getting the vaccine.


Constant Vigilance said...

But you must realize that it is hard to govern a nation of people proud to be part of a second tier socialist country. Or something like that.

Big Winnie said...

I was wondering when she was going to start blaming the public/privoncial governments/GSK.,

Her and the government's lack of communication, lack of preparedness, lack of leadership and a very flawed plan have caused this reaction from the public. It's reassusring that if we want the vaccination, we should be able to get it by Christmas...Whoo Hoo!!! I feel all fuzzy and warm inside now.

The Rational Number said...

Well, less government interference is conservative policy, isn't it?

Later, will Conservatives point to this as an example of failed public health care?

I expect all opposition parties to dig into details to find out just what went wrong, and hold the government accountable. That's their job.

For example, delivery is the responsibility of the provinces, isn't it? I got to a provincial clinic, etc. to get the vaccine. Though it might be early to say, it appears communications between Health Canada and their provincial counterparts and health care provision organizations failed.

Given this is a nationwide phenomena, is it easier to believe all provincial organizations failed simultaneously, or that the problem was in the federal end?

[LOL, I didn't mean 'end' as in posterior, bottom, behind, etc. My Freudian.]