Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Duffy's 3 Months of Spending Taxpayer Money

From this CBC article:

"P.E.I.'s newest senator is shaping up to also be the Island's most expensive.

During his first three months in the red chamber, Conservative Senator Mike Duffy racked up more than $100,848 in travel and office expenses, more than double the average of what the other three Island senators spend in a typical quarter."

P.E.I. senators' expenses
(figures are for one fiscal quarter)

Catherine Callbeck: $40,667

Percy Downe: $50,248

Mike Duffy: $100,848

Elizabeth Hubley: $53,036

Also from the article is this:

"Duffy's rate of spending puts him in the top rank of senatorial expenses. An NDP-produced report showed the top spender for the 2008-09 year was Mobina Jaffer, a Liberal senator for British Columbia, at $323,173. Sustained over a year, Duffy's expenses would come in at $403,392."

Jaffer's expenses are also deplorable & disgusting. The craven use of the hardworking taxpayer's money to be used, especially for partisan purposes (Duffy), is revolting.

Here is one commenters post at the article that I'm sure many would agree with:

"Margolispei wrote:
Posted 2009/11/11
at 8:38 AM ETMike Duffy is only a small part of a very large problem. The large problem is NO ONE is looking after the common person. My tax dollars and YOUR tax dollars are not being looked after. Having worked in the Federal Government and the PEI government, it is embarrassing to see people get elected and then turn into pigs at a trough. There are no other words for it. Spending at each and every level of government is being monitored by people who are just as complicit as the people spending the money. Then we have the Public Servants who happily or unhappily (does it matter?) say absolutely nothing when they see or know of any spending mismanagement. Maybe they are afraid of their jobs. Government growth has been staggering at the Federal level in recent years. Hard to believe that it is a "fiscally responsible" government. What does this mean? You can bet at crunch time, the Feds will take a long hard look at the amount of people they have in their employ. Then the axe will fall hard. Just like in the 90's with Paul Martin. I am now of the mindset that my vote doesn't matter. They are all crooked in my mind. Lest we forget all right."


The Mound of Sound said...

How can a government so bereft of policy and hapless in administration squander so much money? I guess with the corporatized media we have today it's not much of a push to get away with this.

CK said...

What are we waiting for to abolish the senate? After all, how the hell can we as Canadians take something that doesn't require literacy to do the 'job' seriously?

Think, no useless lavish expense accounts or inflated salaries and benefits.

Perhaps we could save our health care system without the expansion of the private for profit? Better child care? The possibilities would be endless.

I know I know...wishful thinking on my part