Saturday, November 14, 2009

Say WHAT Michael Ignatieff???

From TheDailyGleaner:

"Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff vowed Friday night to attack the policies of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, saying the Conservative leader's four years in power gives him lots of political ammunition."

"You want me to attack Stephen Harper," Ignatieff told a standing-room-only crowd at the biannual convention of the New Brunswick Liberal Association in Fredericton.

"You expect me to attack Stephen Harper ... But I am not going to attack him as a person.

"I am not going to attack his career. I am not going to attack his past."

He said Harper's legacy after four years in power is his attack ads and the politics of spite."

What ARE you thinking Michael? How do you think Harper crushed Dion & is crushing you? By making it PERSONAL! Yes, there is a lot to bring forward about the Conservative led Government. Plenty of fodder - which should have been touted & hit upon, hard, over & over but you didn't do it. And you think now is the time to start, now that there is 4 years of scandals, misinformation, lies & obfuscation? Yes, by all means get started as it's long, long overdue. BUT if you don't start attacking Harper the man, & what drives him & his ideological bents, then you will not make inroads into the public perception of who Harper really is & what he is doing to this country & how he is making it into something Canadians will eventually be shocked to see.

Read this Michael from the latest Nanos Poll:

"Looking at which of the party leaders Canadians believe would make the best Prime Minister, Stephen Harper now leads by a significant, 17 point, margin over over Michael Ignatieff. This represents the widest gap since Ignatieff was elected leader of the Liberal Party."

Best PM Question:
Of the following individuals, who do you think would make the best Prime Minister? [Rotate]
Stephen Harper 34.8%
Michael Ignatieff 17.7%
Jack Layton 14.9%
Gilles Duceppe 6.5%
Elizabeth May 4.5%
None of them 9.0%
Unsure 12.6%

Wake up Liberal Party. The continual embracing of "the high road" will get you, & us, nowhere. People don't remember that, they remember hard-hitting attacks. That's what sticks & stays in their minds. Once you have that THEN they will listen to all of the other issues, the policies, including yours if you would please enlighten us..

ADDENDUM: Read Ottlib's post here. He says a lot more on what the Lib Party should be doing.


Anonymous said...

The Liberals have used that strategy for 3 elections now and found their results diminished in the election aftermath. Taking a different approach might be more fruitful; however, I don't think attacking the gov record alone is going to do much as well. what the Liberals need to do is bring out sound policy and present them selves as a Gov in waiting.

Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, this isn't going to go anywhere good at all. Bad call for Iggy & the Libs for sure. And talk about US-style mud-slinging politics...The Con attack ads are bad enough, but this strategy is even worse.

penlan said...

Agree with both of you. I just added a link in the post to an Ottlib posting where he expresses his thoughts on what the Libs should be doing. It's excellent & I suggest you take a look.

penlan said...


Don't bother commenting here. I shall only delete your comments as you are a Con troll & your agenda is to hijack all threads.