Friday, January 8, 2010

Con Ministers Abusing Challenger Jet

Translation from Le Devoir:

The Harper government ministers regularly use the luxurious type aircraft Challenger improperly, causing unnecessary costs for taxpayers. Une enquête du réseau TVA montre que ces voyages injustifiés ont coûté 236 000 $ durant les 30 premiers mois du règne conservateur à Ottawa. A survey of the TVA network shows that these trips unnecessary cost $ 236 000 during the first 30 months of Conservative government in Ottawa.

In French here.


GameforYou said...

Look....this is just plain stupid. People Need to travel in their job roles....a given. Harper is not allowed to fly Commercial....a given. Cost of Challenger jet flights is being reported as astronomical due to plane costs....crew costs etc....partly because this is how the Media chooses to...
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GameforYou said...
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