Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today Is My Birthday

And in honour of all those other boomers who are, or will be, the same age as me this year here's a little tune for us. ;)


FFIB NAMOL said...

Let's see 21 years going into 1967, yep that would of been fun. Happy birthday.... hope you have a good time.

penlan said...

Thankyou FFIB - & your math is excellent! ;)

NoExpertsNeeded said...

Happy Birthday!

Since I am still celebrating my 51-and-how-the-heck-did-I-get-here birthday, I like to continue the celebration by offering you a birthday gift -- the link for a free cover-to-cover read of my book.

It's about how my amazing Spirit-led journey began on the birthday that all my friends forgot! (One of my best birthdays yet!)

Just sign up here: NoExpertsNeeded dot com. No strings/spam attached, really! (I know, hard to believe these days :-) But it's simply my way of giving back.

Continue the celebration,
Louise Lewis, author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

KNB said...

Oh no! Did I miss your birthday?

Let's extend the celebration for a day okay?

All the very best to you my friend and may this new year bring all your dreams to reality!

penlan said...

Thankyou KNB! :)

Dame said...

Happy Birthday To You Penlan!! Bright and Prosperous..

penlan said...

Thanks Marta! :)