Friday, January 29, 2010

Vic Toews, Hard At Work

What a busy guy - denying Mikhail Lennikov's appeal to stay in Canada. Lennikov, an ex-KBG agent, & his family have lived here for more than a dozen years, never been in trouble & have lived an exemplary life. Hard-working, industrious. Another example of how shameful & unjust this Con Govt. is with human rights.

By Norma Greenaway with CanWest News Service:

The Harper government's new public safety minister has rejected a fresh appeal to stay in Canada from a former KGB agent who has been holed up in a Vancouver church for the last seven months.

Vic Toews, who took over the portfolio last week from Peter Van Loan, said Thursday the government is not prepared to budge in the case of Mikhail Lennikov, who was ordered deported because he once worked for the Russian secret service.

"The Immigration and Refugee Board and the courts have determined that Mr. Lennikov is not admissible to Canada under our laws." Toews said in a statement.

Read the entire article here.


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"I would like to commend the cooperation of CBSA, RCMP and other partners
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The Government has a duty to protect the safety of all Canadians. Working
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