Thursday, January 8, 2009

Heavy-handed Harper

From the Globe & Mail:

He [Harper] is also planning to fill Senate seats as they become vacant and will not stop until next January when his Tories will finally have the majority in the upper chamber, according to two senior government officials.

Reversing his promise not to name senators until the chamber is reformed, Mr. Harper made 18 appointments last month. Now senior government officials say he is expected to appoint two more in March, when the next vacancies occur. He will make 10 more by the end of the year, keeping with his new strategy to control the Red Chamber to make reforms.

He will have HIS way no matter what, or so he thinks. I am sick of this tyrant pushing his Reform/Alliance agenda on Canadians. Please, let's get rid of him even if it takes the Coalition to do it.


roblaw said...
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roblaw said...

As a Conservative, I myself have criticized the PM for his appointments, but those criticisms coming from a Liberal supporter, well, they somehow ring hollow.. recalling the incredible performance of Pierre Trudeau which lead to the election of Bryan Mulroney..

Lest we forget, the stunned look on John Turner's face during their debate, when, after affirming a parade of Liberal patronage appointments, Mulroney bellowed:

“ You had an option, sir. You could have said, 'I am not going to do it. This is wrong for Canada, and I am not going to ask Canadians to pay the price.' You had an option, sir — to say 'no' — and you chose to say 'yes' to the old attitudes and the old stories of the Liberal Party. That sir, if I may say respectfully, that is not good enough for Canadians. ”

The response..Turner froze, and could only repeat, "I had no option."

Yes indeed.