Thursday, January 15, 2009

Justify This!

So now the Israeli's have shelled UN Headquarters in Gaza. They are saying "It was a mistake". How so? Seeing as it was ground forces. Sounds like indiscriminate shelling to me.

From CBC News:

The developments in the 20-day-old military conflict came as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in Israel trying to promote a ceasefire. Speaking in Jerusalem, the UN chief expressed "strong protest and outrage" over the attack and immediately demanded an investigation.

Ban said Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has told him it was a "grave mistake."

Ban also said the death toll in Gaza has reached an "unbearable" level.

As diplomatic efforts continued on Wednesday, the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the death toll in Gaza topped 1,000, and that civilians accounted for half the fatalities.

The Gaza casualty reports are nearly impossible for media organizations to confirm as Israel has barred foreign journalists from entering the coastal territory.

Thirteen Israelis, among them 10 soldiers, have been killed since the military campaign started on Dec. 27

And this: At least 15 rockets were fired by Gaza militants into southern Israel.

It appears no one was hurt by the rockets. But how can this be justified? Any of it. The death, injury & destruction is overwhelming & yet to comment on this war in a way that is not pro-Israel a person is suddenly pronounced to be anti-Semitic, pro-Hamas/terrorist. That is not the case at all. It's the ravaging of a people that is wrong. Anywhere. Anytime. Did you support the Iraq War? I did not. The deaths of the Iraqi people, the destruction of the country is overwhelmingly horrible. Afghanistan the same. So how is this any different?

If you are able to justify it please tell me.

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