Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UPDATE...on Canadians in Gaza

In a previous post I talked about how "our" Conservative govt., led by Stephen Harper, was slow in moving on getting Canadians out of Gaza. Here is an article from TheStar with more information on that situation.

"Thirty-nine Canadians, still stranded in war-wracked Gaza yesterday, could have safely departed the territory last Friday – if only Canadian diplomats had known it."

"Had the Canadians shown up at the border on Friday, they likely would have been permitted to cross, said Maj. Peter Lerner, spokesperson for the Israeli agency that handle's this country's activities in the territory."

"But it was only on Friday that Canadian diplomats first provided the Israelis with a list of names of Canadians who wanted to leave the territory, and no attempt was made to contact them that day, to tell them to get to the border right away, because it was open."

Again, as I said, what is wrong with "our" govt.?

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