Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nuclear Spill at Chalk River

From the Ottawa Sun:

An internal report to federal nuclear regulators shows radioactive tritium was released into the air during the incident at the Chalk River reactor on Dec. 5.

Meanwhile, another part of the reactor has sprung a water leak from a 2.4-inch crack in a weld. That leak has not been repaired since it was first reported more than six weeks ago.

Instead, technicians are simply pumping water into the unit to replace the estimated 7,000 litres a day spewing from the cracked seam.

In answer to written questions from Sun Media, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission said the leaking water from the failed weld has "a very low level of radioactivity" and is not a safety concern.

The water is being dumped into the Ottawa River.

Linda Keen was fired for stopping isotope production at this facility, in Dec. of 2007, due to dangerous conditions & yet the problems still haven't been taken care of. The Con govt. legislated the nuclear facility back to work. What is it going to take? A nuclear meltdown?

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