Monday, January 19, 2009

More Brazeau hanky panky?

Sure looks like it. This time from Health Canada with demands that the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, led by soon-to-be Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, return monies that were to be used for aboriginal health issues.

From the Globe & Mail:

"Health Canada launched an audit in late 2007 to find out what happened to $472,900 it transferred to the congress for projects aimed at improving aboriginal health in areas such as early childhood development and diabetes.

The audit findings identified concerns with CAP's internal financial controls including approximately $260,000 of ineligible expenses in consulting fees, travel and meeting costs and per diems for CAP employees during 2005-06," according to a statement from Health Canada released to The Globe and Mail.

The audit found most of the department's money was spent on board meetings, yet the minutes of those meetings were either non-existent or made "little reference about the health programs."

Can Harper seriously allow Brazeau to be installed as a Senator in the wake of the scandals surrounding this man? Two allegations of sexual misconduct among them.

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