Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What the...?

"Hamas terrorists ultimately control the fate of several dozen Canadians and other civilians trapped in Gaza, the Harper government made clear yesterday as the civilian death toll rose."

"[Peter] Kent said the Canadians in Gaza would only be moved to safety if the rocket attacks "stop permanently." Asked whether that could trap them for days or months, Kent replied: "It is a war."

The above statements made by Tory MP Peter Kent in this article from the Montreal Gazette.

Huh? It's the Israeli's who aren't allowing people to flee the horrors going on in Gaza. They have closed all corriders for a long, long time now & have only just now agreed to a 3 hr. ceasefire, daily & starting today, to allow aid into Gaza. Read here at CBC. And this is the official position of Harper's govt.? That it's ALL the fault of Hamas? Yes, as I've stated before, this whole mess is two-sided & that Hamas has it's large share of the blame, but to blame them for not allowing people out of Gaza Canadian or otherwise, including the Palestinian residents is ridiculous.

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