Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's Wrong With "Our" Govt.?

Here's the headline in the G&M:

Canada lagged in getting citizens out of Gaza.

"Canada only asked Israel for help in getting its stranded citizens out of Gaza after hundreds of other foreign nationals were able to depart, and as a ground assault was preparing to roll in."

“Canadian diplomats approached us on the third 3rd of January,” he said. “On Saturday, they said 36 people. Later, they raised it to 39.”

And this:
"During the 2006 Lebanon war, Canadian officials were criticized for the slow pace of their efforts to evacuate about 13,000 citizens from Beirut, as they struggled to arrange safe passage for ships for days after the United States and several European countries began ferrying out their nationals."

So, I ask, what is wrong with this Conservative govt.? Did they not learn from the Lebanon war that speed is necessary? They are too busy trying to save their butts with the upcoming budget & most likely trying to figure out ways in which to demolish the Liberals out of existence rather than take care of Canadian citizens in a war zone. A pox on their Party!

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